The Forest

this growing alone.
Are we ever to be satisfied
With who we are becoming?
God knows.
(But he’s not telling)

He says,
“Figure it this way:
You’re one, I’m many.
And whatever you lack,
I’ll make sure you get plenty.
So enjoy your identity,
And I would almost certainly
Be elated
If I didn’t
See his face
In her company
And want to join Him
In everything
Instead of being patient

I am not God’s lion
Just a half a pace away,
Emanating faith
Whatever is in front of me
Take place

But I am a diamond of great worth!

So why do I find
I still cover myself with dirt
Performing vanities for the common birthstone
Or worse
Getting lost underfoot
And Grinding into the gravelly sand
instead of living as what I am

How long
Must I entertain you?

Who cannot see the forest for the trees
Will never know
How to love me