Tale Spin

Tales, tales

and how I live in them.

End this sentence!

These five fierce words
appear all the time:

why am I doing this?

And to no answer
do I ever come.

To proceed into loneliness,

That is the way it is done.

THAT love

Love UN-does.
and no sobriety lessens

(can you think with a clear mind
when love is in question?)

Whose tales do I run to, then?
Who lives not in stories
is no human.

I have hit upon a new theme:

Undo the done.
THAT is life’s tension.

Whether we play a part in the construct
or it’s destruction
we are only playing along

Whether we think outside or not
we are still in the box
When we discard what is most important,
life then forces us to make a choice;
and that is where
whatever has been
becomes undone
by love.

I love you –
that is the end of the equation.

And in the end
(which is the beginning)
There is no faery pining.
There is only one love.

I have loved you. Simple enough.

The tree has too few branches for love.

Guide me
back to the root;
I have too much eaten the sweet

I have met you;
Before I met you I loved

I have no need
to remember you

my life