Spirit Becoming Matter

Haven’t I always said
that the wisps of clouds are a filbert;
a fan brush
here and there
makes that air
I swear it

There’s a hand
behind that.
I’ve done it.

The hand–
its all we ever get to see;
(from the cleft of a rock, hiding)
Its too much–
suffice to say;
I am already captivated
actually forestalled
into blissful
by everything that is;
so magnificent.
is creation.

Spirit becoming matter.

Because that’s what it is, isn’t it?

something that is born
on sweet winds
on sinners’ lips
on the roll call
on the big business
it’s something
that’s happening
and we’re
contributing to it
every minute
we’re plugged in
and projecting
our insides
into it
and whatsoever we feel
it becomes so, doesn’t it?
as if we were
molding an image
(what an
to create
a creator
is what we did!)
and how we see
and what we live
is spirit becoming matter.

No avoiding it.
It is the invisible part of everything in creation
that you share an umbilical with–

…the inter-net