Say ‘Love’


Say ‘Love’ one more time
and it loses its flavor;
I am fascinated now
by this kind of behavior.
For whom
do we really care?

So many loves
that are worth more than the name
so many ‘I love you’s
that are spoken the same way–
do you love him,
or do you love me?
‘yes,’ you say,
and, ‘let it be;’
and I can only say
‘I guess thats ok too,’
still without any sense
of how I am being loved
by you.

So back away.


Ah, I have done it!
I have caught myself
at the hidden border;
and now, luckily, I have a metaphor,
so I can draw it on–
the line
between my love
and the reality
it falls short of.

And arent I lucky;
ten thousand arrows slew me and this last one strayed;
it missed my heart, just managed to graze the aorta
without spilling my life’s blood all over the place.

stick me with arrows before you learn to miss!
I’ll just let them hit the pressure points,
so my energy flows inward and
meets no resistance;

not un-knowing
nor in ignorance

Finally, this knowledge!

I forgive myself for today’s sins,
for I am learning to discern my nature;
I refuse now
to imagine a visible future

So tally it.
because there will be an end.
There are many more nights of sadness ahead,
but each is it’s own grain of sand.

One day,
my love will be

and not a sharp pain