Rock the Boat

You rock the boat, Gemstone.

there is no knowing of you
that is not intimate
that does not draw a line
between my heart and yours
coloring it the color
of the thing
we both want

and my heart
is in the place,
the open field
where flowers lay
open to the sky;
I have just turned
from the theatrical way;
I am aimless;
My aim
is aimlessness

Your frame
is at a faster speed;
You move quickly
to get the things you need,
you have yet to learn
how useless
speed is
the information
I require
is denied me
at this time;

I cannot hit
a moving target
on a runaway train
with a cap gun


I will be;

and once in a while
I will let you
see me

And in the meantime

I will hold the line