Happy Good Morning Friday


Happy Good morning Friday

If you’re not at home today
You were never savvy

..and under his
and poor imitations
of better players
he said,

is a place,
but silver goes

by which he meant
there is more to a place
than where it is
and more to a place
than what is there

With his over-fed grin
and jingling penthouse keys
he offers wisdom
to those already well at ease

Screaming ‘freedom!’
At the northern lights
He puffs his cuffs to dry
in rugged mountain fires
That turn out to be
nothing more
than flashlights

Where did he get
the knowledge? some ask

a neophiliac
leaning forward on
the bow-back
a nephalist
in sack-cloth and ashes
hard work and
dirigible habits
bad language tax
Adherence to the same tenets
that brought your grandparents
their satisfaction

ask again. who knows?

As the ball rolls, so do I go
only knowing
I’m thrown