There are many ways you can help me produce the gifts I wish to give to the world. Here’s how to get involved!


Patreon is a platform by which one can become a ‘patron’ of an artist with monthly donations, at an amount of your choosing. This is perfect for the supporter who believes in an artist, in their work ethic, ethos, and who wants to become a closer, maybe even intrinsic part of the process. Check out my campaign page to learn about how it works, and explore the wonderful gifts being offered in exchange for your support!


So much of my work is intended for reproduction; whether its beautiful symbols on posters or clothing, or beautiful words and phrases that ground, comfort and keep us strong. All of the money raised by my art goes into making more art possible. Your purchase will certainly aid me in my long-term goal to create artwork that the everyday person can relate with and use for their own growth.