Finding the Self

‘In order to know everything, you must first know yourself.’
~The Gospel of Thomas

Knowing One’s Spiritual Body through THE SCRIPTURES and other WISDOM LITERATURE

View Quotes and other helpful Reference Materials in my Poetry Archives

Knowing One’s Physical Body through ARCHETYPAL SYSTEMS like Tarot, Astrology

My visual research of  The System of the Tarot     /    Western Astrology and the Zodiac    

Knowing One’s Cultural Body through Stories (MYTHOLOGY)

Illustrations of Myths and Legends

Knowing Oneself through ACTION- Adopting PERSONAL PRACTICES based on research and Intuitive Trial

     My Personally Illustrated Inner Journey Story:     The Chronicle of the Fireheart

Mythology to develop and Enact for the coming Age:     The Warriors of the Rainbow       .

My Mobile Education/Creation Studio:      The Black Eagle Bus