Don’t Measure It Out With a Cup

My Night is slow. My computer is slow. I’m hungry.
I can feel a clock winding down.
When it stops, what then?

This daily sacrifice-
saying to the old habits
‘you are not as important to me’
getting down on my knees
washing the floor
as everyone gets in
their own way

I have been made low
so I can reach high
blessed is the child
who has none;
who has no other to call on
who must find work alone
and in doing so
make friends with one-ness
while still remaining

I wish
like a child
the doctor would stop
healing me

In meditation
my blood flows
and I feel woozy

I am patient
when I cry
because waiting requires
a future to coincide with–

When I realize
I’m dependent on the tide
I flow freely
without building habits
making a stab for it
without even trying

Oh how
could I make my own sunlight
when my prism-heart
shines ever brighter
from the outside