Here you are
you are here

And where is your mind?
floating high
or sinking down
memory lane

Ah, to be the disciplined carrier
of a cultural design!

someone is telling me to
write this down for you:

You can become
who you really want to be.
But is that
the best thing?

picture yourself
atop many mountains,
fixed at the vertices–
In place,
but constantly spinning.

Picture yourself the hub
of the wheel.
Feel the rotation;
every great cry uttered
by your heredity .
Picture your ancestors.
Consider you might just be
one more piece
of stock footage.

Does it matter who you
consider yourself to be?

And if you really think of yourself
as the victim of some inconsistency
think of yourself, rather,
as nothing.

To be nothing
is not easy;
But the alternative
has little to do
with peace.