The Tarot

“Now the first thing we wish to point out is this:
the system of the Tarot is so important, that no explanation can be accepted as satisfactory
other than that which acknowledges it as a general outline of Creation itself

~A.E. Thierens

For hundreds of thousands of years, we have been observing the natural patterns of the world and charting their findings as a way to cast some light on the process that is a human life. What they noticed is that everything in existence moves in the same birth-to-death program and all in relation to everything else: As above, so below. To observe the movements of the heavens or the micro-verse is to shed light on the movements of our direct experience.

The imagery of the tarot is designed to tell the story of the creation. Whether the archetypes appear as symbol, or as a human in a costume, they illustrate the story of creation, from pre-conception to harmonious creation (or, the human ego undergoing the process of evolution from ignorance (0) to maturity (22)). The archetypes of the unconscious, those costumed characters, exist to aid you on the path, and even,  when combined with numerology and astrology, a way to divine actual events and happenings.

20th century astrologer A.E. Thierens wrote an essay called ‘Astrology & The Tarot’, where he asserted that astrology, tarot, and numerology all describe the same process of evolution. He then outlined a system of divination far more accurate and meaningful than his predecessors, who only took into account the superficial meanings derived solely from the imagery. This teaching forms the foundation for my learning of the tarot, and for which I will one day provide the illustrated version.

From Thierens I have leapt into the various interpretations of the archetypes across human culture.  Please share in the discoveries I’ve made! Click on each of the Tarot Arcana listed below, to find out more about each archetype and to see the different imagery human beings have assigned to them. Keep checking back in! As the project progresses, so will the information increase. Happy Hunting!


0. The Fool ~ Earth

1.  The Magician ~ Ares

2. The High Priestess ~ Taurus

3. The Empress ~ Gemini

4. The Emperor ~ Cancer

5. The Heirophant ~ Leo

6. The Lovers ~ Virgo

7. The Chariot ~ Libra


8. Justice ~ Scorpio

9. The Hermit ~ Sagittarius

10. The Wheel of Fortune ~ Capricorn

11. Strength ~ Aquarius

12. The Hanged Man ~ Pisces

13. Death ~ Saturn

14. Temperance  ~ Mercury


15. The Devil  ~ Mars

16. The Tower  ~ Uranus

17. The Star  ~ Venus

18. The Moon

19. The Sun

20. Judgement ~ Jupiter

21. The World ~ Neptune