The Seventh Day


Dual sun
rise rise rise
dual sun
rise rise rise

All that failure
thinly disguised

(not surprising)


Someone told me to trust–

On the surface,
everyone plays their part
first; but

In this dust
you are aware of life

like waking up and drinking
vodka first–

It hurts,
and that’s well enough.

You learn roughly.


So roll it up!

In such confusion and such love
do we re-up–

Fun and the crushing blow
of non-expectational closeness–

And if it wasn’t billowed by the wind
I would have dove in head-first,
walked the earth
moment to moment,
and still have chosen it!

What this is

I know this


There will be temptation

There will be desire

There will be mischief

And in case you missed it,
something slipped–

In this reality, where we exist
It sits
on us
like a bliss
we don’t trust.


But listen!

Far and wide they
star-follow here,
singing and cheering,


Somebody grab my arm
and swing me around
in the moon-faced land,
hands on harp and hammer
and solid ground,
skin on sand,
screaming at the sun

Somehow, we win
we are winning
we won


Face up to the man
give homage
O let it go!

Hands and hearts
and all you’ve carried
all this time
before now