Always Never

Double meanings, double meanings
As I cling to the last precipice
Of my new-found
I am
Always Never’Free.’

The last vestiges
Of my dream world
Are still blowing furtively
In the breeze,
Torn shreds that I cannot
But see past;
Even while
Barely covering me
They bring heat

And what is the difference between
My actions
And what they say?

At night,
sometimes even while I’m awake,
Visions prey
Through the ever twi-lit dimness
of the inner Serengeti,
The funeral plain—
So many battles there,
Great deeds and defeats
Borne daily
on the winds
That toy with the
Fragile sail
That is always

Attentions are now
the gifts of my days—

The hood in my cloak
Will only wear well
When my head is raised.

This forces my eyes
To peer around me
Instead of looking
Down at my feet;
The posture of hiding
That used to define me